Rowman and Littlefield International

Social Imaginaries

Suzi Adam, Erin Carlisle, Natalie Doyle, John Krummel, and Jeremy Smith introduce the new Social Imaginaries series.
Published on Friday 08 Sep 2017

Literary Aesthetics and Literary Theory

Considering literary isolationism and Derrida's posture that 'there is no outside the text', Rafe McGregor, author of The Value of Literature, examines how important literature really is today, as we celebrate National Read a Book Day and International Literacy Day, this month.
Published on Wednesday 30 Aug 2017

Heidegger Against the West

Heidegger’s influence in the twentieth century probably outstrips that of any other philosopher, but his influence also exists in a region where his reception has had a remarkable and largely hidden history: Eastern Europe and Russia. Jeff Love, author of Heidegger in Russia and Eastern Europe explores this history and its significance to the broader landscape of world politics today.
Published on Wednesday 09 Aug 2017

Why adding informed citizen views leads to more legitimate policymaking

Legitimacy depends on a strong link between public will, policies and public office-holders
Published on Thursday 03 Aug 2017

When pregnancy does not lead to a child

When pregnancy does not lead to a child
Published on Thursday 20 Jul 2017

RLI Focus on Gender

A selection of our new and forthcoming titles on gender
Published on Thursday 13 Jul 2017

Aesthetic and Moral Education

RLI author Rafe McGregor examines the origins and meanings behind 'an aesthetic education'
Published on Tuesday 06 Jun 2017

Decrypting the Constitutional Coup d’État in Brazil

RLI author Ricardo Sanin-Restrepo looks at the current political climate in Brazil
Published on Friday 02 Jun 2017

ECPR Press joins forces with Rowman & Littlefield International

The European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) is pleased to announce that ECPR Press will be operated from 1 June 2017 in a new partnership with Rowman & Littlefield International (RLI).
Published on Thursday 01 Jun 2017

Heidegger’s Gods: An Ecofeminist Perspective by Susanne Claxton

Excerpt from Chapter 5, Section 3 of Heidegger’s Gods: An Ecofeminist Perspective, a highly original new book that highlights the importance and significance of Heidegger's engagement with the Greeks, the ways in which his views are commensurate with ecofeminism, and the insights that a study of that intersection provides for both the diagnoses of our world’s ills and possible curative prescriptions.
Published on Wednesday 24 May 2017