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Caribbean Island Movements

Culebra's Trans-insularities

By Carlo A. Cubero

Part of the series Rethinking the Island

Publication Date: Oct 2017

Pages 288

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Caribbean Island Movements explores the different ways in which being mobile is central to the production and reproduction of social identities on the Caribbean island of Culebra. Rather than seeing insularity and mobility, and its associations, as mutually exclusive components, this ethnographic study demonstrates how they mutually inform each other. The book proposes the term of "transinsularism" as a means to articulate the complex ways in which islanders construct a unique place for themselves in the world, while referencing and engaging in practices of movement.
Based on a long term relationship to the Caribbean island of Culebra, it describes how mobile islanders select from various, at times contradictory, discourses and practices in the process of fashioning their sense of island identity. It makes the case for a conscious social creative process where a group of individuals finds ways to narrativise a life-world that operates in tension with structural social forces associated with nation-building, colonialism, and "landed narratives".
1. Transinsularism from a Caribbean Perspective / 2. Militarisation & Culebra's Transinsular Precedents / 3. Conflicted Visions of Land / 4. Working the Ubiquitous Seas / 5. Musical Movements / Conclusion: Keeping an Eye on the Tension / Bibliography/ Index
Carlo A. Cubero is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department Social & Cultural Anthropology at Tallinn University in Estonia.

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