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Democracy and Subjective Rights

Democracy Without Demos

By Catherine Colliot-Thélène

Publication Date: Jan 2018

Pages 198

Hardback 9781785522628
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This book critically investigates the notion of democracy without demos by unravelling the link that modern history has established between the concepts of democracy and the sovereignty of the people. This task is imposed on us by globalization. The individualization of the subject of rights is the result of the destruction of regimes of special rights of ancient societies by the centralizing action of a territorial power. This individualization, because it implies equality, has created a new form of political subjectivity that has been the driving force of the democratization of democracies during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Democracy and subjective rights discusses how asserting itself as the only guarantor of rights, the modern state has also nationalized citizenship. However, the author argues, the legal and judicial monopoly of the nation-state is weakened today by the multiplication and heterogeneity of the powers on which the rights of individuals depend. This situation forces us to denationalize citizenship without sacrificing, however, the specific form of political subjectivity that the individualization of rights has made possible.
Introduction / 1. Subjective Rights / 2. Democracy / 3. The Democratisation of Democracies / 4. Democracy without Demos / 5. The Future of The Political Subject in the Context of Globalisation / Conclusion
Catherine Colliot-Thélène is Professor Emeritus at the University Rennes 1.

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