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The Invention of the Visible

The Image in Light of the Arts

By Patrick Vauday, Jared Bly

Part of the series Reinventing Critical Theory

Publication Date: Aug 2017

Pages 208

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We live in a mediatized society, a society one could call a society of images. Working at the intersection of aesthetics and politics, Patrick Vauday challenges the dominant assumptions of this society and its disposition towards images. This challenge does not advocate repudiatingimages altogether, but rather entreats us to see them in a different light. This new way of thinking of images affords a glimpse into what images do and produce, rather than viewing them as copies or mere representations. Images are dynamic agents that are active in our world rather than simply empty reflections of it.

Rethinking the concept of the image in this fashion opens up new ways of interpreting and engaging with works of art. This reconsideration of the role of images in society is the starting point for a new politics that considers the multiple and complex efficacies by which images act, circulate and are created.
Translators Preface / 1. Introduction / 2. The Image in the Mirror of Ontology / 3. Aesthetics: What Images Do / 4. Poetics: Making Images / 5. Politics: Unmaking and Remaking Images / 6. Conclusion: Towards a Civilization of Images / Bibliography / Index
Patrick Vauday is Professor of Philosophy at the Université Paris 8. He is the author of several academic books in French.

Jared Bly is a Graduate Student in Philosophy at Villanova University.