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The Limits to Capitalist Nature

Theorizing and Overcoming the Imperial Mode of Living

By Ulrich Brand and Markus Wissen

Part of the series Transforming Capitalism

Publication Date: Mar 2018

Pages 128

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The book provides for a historical-materialist understanding of the multiple crises of capitalism, focusing on the ecological crisis and its interaction with other crisis phenomena (financial crisis, crisis of democracy, economic crisis). Drawing on political ecology, Gramscian theory of hegemony, critical state theory and the regulation approach, it introduces the concept of an imperial mode of living in order to better understand the everyday practices and perceptions as well as the social relations of forces and institutional constellations that facilitate environmentally destructive patterns of production and consumption. Furthermore, it develops a historical-materialist critique of the green economy concept that has been propagated in recent years as a solution not only for the ecological but also for the economic crisis. Finally, the book proposes a democratisation of societal nature relations as a way out of the crisis that requires overcoming capitalist property relations and the exclusive forms of controlling nature guaranteed by them.
1. Introduction: Contested Ways Out of the Multiple Crises / Part I: The Imperial Mode of Living and its Crisis / 2. The Crisis of Global Environmental Politics and the Imperial Mode of Living: Introducing a Concept / 3. Crisis and Continuity of Capitalist Societal Nature Relations / 4. Theorising the Imperial Mode of Living: Analytical References / Part II: Towards a Green Capitalism? / 5. Strategies of Green Economy / 6. Financialization of Nature as Crisis Strategy / Part III: Societal Nature Relations, Social-Ecological Transformations and Democracy / 7. Social-ecological Transformation / 8. Towards a Democratization of Societal Relations / 9. Conclusion: Towards a Historical-Materialist Understanding of the Ecological Crisis / Bibliography
Ulrich Brand is Professor of International Politics at the University of Vienna.

Markus Wissen is Professor of Social Science at the Berlin School of Economics & Law.

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